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Broken links, also called dead links, are links on web pages that no longer function. There are several reasons why a link is broken. This is why the Broken Link Checker is needed to find out the Broken link.

  1. You may have entered the wrong URL in the link
  2. The linked web page has been removed from the linked website
  3. The destination website does not exist or has been completely deleted
  4. The destination website may have been blocked due to software or firewall usage

If a link on the Internet can't lead the user to the expected site, it is called a broken link. This can happen in some cases. If the site is permanently unavailable, the web page is out of date, moved to a new domain, or no longer exists. Having some broken links to your page is known as "link corruption" and it seems as bad as it looks to your business. Broken link checker helps you keep track of broken links and keep link updates.

Broken links can be very difficult for visitors because they can no longer access the information or resources they want, and they can decide to use other sources to access the information they need. Websites that have not been reviewed or updated for a long time can suffer from broken links. Broken links are websites with many broken links.

Therefore, it is important to find and fix link problems before they are delayed.

Like Google Broken Link Checker, SmallseoTools offers a free Broken Link Checker that can be very helpful in finding link problems. With this amazing tool, you can check all the links of a specific URL very easily and see if there are broken or invalid links. As a unique and efficient tool, especially if you have a website, it can be very useful as it will find non-functional URLs and clean them up in a short time.

With the availability of broken link checkers links security checkers and more from Google, it must be easier than ever to find and fix unpleasant links.

Why are broken links bad?

Broken links on websites are not only annoying, but their presence can seriously damage the website as well as the online reputation of the entire website. Because you are the webmaster of a large website, you may not be aware of broken links that may exist on your site. In most cases, he recognizes the problem when a visitor starts reporting a link error.


Usually, if a visitor finds a valuable link on a website, he would like to access and read it. However, when you click the link, error 404 is displayed. Experienced users recognize that errors are caused by broken links, but not everyone has much experience. When a naive user receives an error, he must think that the problem is probably at the end. Check modem or system and reboot. Mobile users may leave the page and return to the previous page.

Because social networks are double-edged swords, the news is transmitted quickly and that's what your website can do:

Losing some of the existing traffic because users can be frustrated sooner or later

Negative impact on website reputation and overall ranking in search engines

It’s hard to attract new users because the link is broken because people simply do not have access to the page

Most dead links don't give your website a reputation, so it hurts your online reputation.

This all causes some powerful problems that can cause link corruption in some cases.

What is the nature of broken links?

As website content increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for webmasters to manage all web pages and track all URLs individually. Unfortunately, there are no ideal tools or services available for website integrity that can ensure the proper relationship between a web page and any updates made. Over time, some links will become stale, stale, hang, or simply inactive because they are not connected to a valid resource and visitors will get a 404 error or other error when trying to access the page you will receive a similar HTTP response. The latest CMS (content management systems such as Joomla!) And blog software replicate the same broken links on various dynamically generated web pages, preventing users from receiving frequent 404 errors Worsen. This can happen frequently on internal links.

Using external links can make things worse. As a linked website, you can change the name or location, or refresh the page in another way without notification. External servers can be temporarily or permanently disabled and domains can be revoked or sold. Such a situation is out of control, so you only need to perform periodic tests to make sure that all links to your website are active and do not reference nonexistent content.

Why do I need Broken Link Checker?

Because he rarely controls the environment in which he works. It is almost impossible to know if a link is dead or broken. In addition, it is difficult to determine the exact reason why the link will not work. If you are trying to detect and clean up broken or invalid links, you need a link checker like Google's broken link checker to notify you when a faulty link is detected.


This is when SmallseoTools's Broken Link Checker is very helpful. You can use this tool or Broken Link Checker to detect and clean invalid links. Simply enter the URL in the field you want to specify and click the “Submit” button. In a few seconds, you will see a result that includes all links and their status.