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Domain Age Checker is an online tool that helps you find the exact age of a domain or website, from the moment it was registered until its activation. The age of the domain is considered one of the very important factors in the ranking of websites by search engines. Therefore, it is really important to keep track of the age of your website hosted on the Internet. By using the domain age verifier, you can also verify the age of your competitor's domain and also the domains you wish to purchase. Older domains are likely to increase their ranking in search engines. Tools such as the bulk domain name checker, the bulk domain authority checker, and the domain age checker make it much more convenient to find out the exact time frame for the age of a particular domain. For the most part, the results provided by the domain age verifier are reliable and accurate.

You can easily obtain a free Domain Checker on the Internet. Most of these tools do not require any registration, registration, or installation. You can use this tool to find out the approximate age of a website; some of these tools also allow you to see how the site looked initially.

Domain Age Checker: How old is a website?

Have you ever visited a surprisingly designed and well-written website, and you wonder, why have you ever reached this particular website before? Or you end up on an online shopping, services, or e-commerce website, and before deciding to spend your money, you would like to know how long these guys have been in business. One of the easiest ways is to determine the age of the website; this will help you evaluate the credibility of your services. Similarly, people may be interested in knowing the age of your website.

Suppose you visit a web hosting website; it is a known fact that older players in this business tend to be more reliable. When you can't find a clue about the year of training on the website, then the idea of finding the age of a website is wonderful. Even if you keep in mind that normally we can only locate the domain registration date, it is possible that the website has changed niche later.

Domain Age Checker: Is the importance of domain age?

The direct answer to this question will be yes. The age of the domain is indeed important for SEO or Google ranking. Among the various weighting factors that Google considers when ranking a website is the age of a domain. In other words, how long a domain has been present is important.

It is worth considering that the age of the domain does not refer to how long it has had a given website name, but rather how long it has been since Google indexed that domain for the first time. That is why many companies prefer to buy "aged domains" that have existed for a while to add a little more Google oomph element. However, if a domain was registered about 10 years ago it does not mean that Google has it as a 10-year-old child, Google must have indexed it.

Let's put it this way that even if a domain has been registered for 10 years but did nothing more than that, then it is the same as the domain bought yesterday.

Domain Age Checker for SEO and Google ranking?

There has been a certain amount of debate about how exactly the age of a given domain contributes to its ability to rank better. SEO tests and experience paint a clear picture that an era of older dominance is shown a little better when competing for rankings. In fact, Google has even shed some light on the importance of the domain age, although as expected, they are still holding the cards near their chest.

Let's discuss what we know:

To determine Google rankings, domain age is a crucial factor and a part of SEO.

Websites are significantly neglected during the first months after Google initially discovers them. In those first months, it is quite difficult to classify well in competitive terms. In fact, some SEOs simply do not prefer to work with new domains.

According to Google, the difference between a 6-month domain and a 12-month domain is very small.