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About Word Counter

Word Count Tool & Character Count Tool

Word count tool and online character Count Tool, you can easily and quickly count how many words or characters are in a text. It does it in real-time, this means that while you are writing it is refreshing at the same time, this is of great help since you will not have to click on any button to know the total amount of words, and characters.

All you have to do is write an article and the tool will automatically count the number of terms and letters you have written. In addition, you can copy and paste a letter from Word or some editor and the application will count the number of words calculate characters.

Count words and characters online

Count words

Knowing the word count is easy with the accountant. You will know how many units are in a paragraph. Are you writing an article or a poem? If you are writing and you have a limit amount of terms, you will need a calculator to avoid exceeding the limit.

Count character

With the character counter, you can know the number of letters in a paragraph. You are a writer? Maybe a journalist? Or maybe you are a teacher or a student who needs not to exceed the maximum number of characters allowed for a job.

SEO character counter

Count characters for SEO

If you are SEO you will know the great help offered by an SEO character counter or an SEO word counter. Google limits the titles and Meta description in the SERPs, so we have to have control of the number of characters and words that we include in the goals.

Google usually changes the number of characters in the title and description at will. To date, the Meta description has not dropped 115/155 characters, while Google grants a maximum of 70 characters in the titles.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is a percentage that tells us how many times a keyword is repeated, in relation to the total number of terms in a text. For example, we imagine that we are writing an article about the elegance of black hats, our main keyword will be “elegant black hats” and this will be the word we want to rank in google. The keyword density will be the number of times it appears in relation to the total number within the text. If we write a 1000 word article and write this expression 25 times, the density of this keyword will be 2.5%; and if it appears 30 times of 3%. And this is how the accountant can help you better your web positioning.


Improve web positioning

Write texts to improve organic web positioning without losing sight of important data such as the number of letters you have written so as not to exceed the limit of the title tag or the Meta description. You can also have control of the frequency with which an expression is repeated. Controlling the number of repetitions of a term is essential to improve the SEO of your website, whether you have a blog and want to count the number of expressions an article has as if you are SEO and do not want to exceed the limit of the most important Meta tags. For those of us who work in web positioning, knowing the number of words or characters in a text is very useful. Imagine that a client asks for a minimum or maximum of words to write, or how often a keyword appears. The accountant will count everything you need and will be very helpful in meeting your goals.

With the character counter and word counter counting letters and sentences will never be so easy and intuitive, in a minimalist and very visual design you will find all the data you need to write or write your text with great flexibility and focused on improving the SEO of your web.



Any dashboard worth it's salt must have a comprehensive and complete view of each and every one of the necessary data.


In a clear way, all the necessary features are integrated to facilitate the art of writing for content writing lovers.


Easy and intuitive to use the word counter and letter counter has a very user-friendly dashboard.


Word Counter and Characters

The best way to count words and count characters online without cost or difficulties, you can also copy and paste your text and click on "Clear Box" once you have finished counting your words and characters. You can share your posted texts, you have the options to convert them to uppercase and Lowercase quickly.